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Nutritious milk, full of vital minerals, proteins, iron and calcium, is collected from grass-fed and free-grazing Gir cows native to India.

Milk is first boiled and then turned into curd instead of collecting fats from cream.

Curd is churned in the early hours of the morning as per the Vedic process. The creamy part rises to the top. Upon heating on a slow flame, the Makhan turns into the nutrient-rich A2 Ghee.

Swaarnim's A2 Ghee calms Pitta and Vata, increasing your memory power and giving you peace of mind and body.

Why Us?

Free-grazing cows' milk

Cattle freely feed on large pastures to give toxin-free, nutritious milk.

Long shelf-life

A2 Ghee is stable for up to twelve months and can be kept easily at a room temperature.

High burning point

Swaarnim's Desi Ghee has a high smoke point of 250 °C, unlike most vegetable oils.


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